Les Bavardes, Feminist and lesbian collective in amiens
20 oct.2017 - 16 oct.2022

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Radios campus amiens
Radios campus amiens

Our monthly Ovaires Bookées ! Which involves debates and exchanges on social themes and quirky, historical, sonorous, and literary chronicles.
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→ Ovaires Bookées
Collectif Idahot
Collectif Idahot

The inter-associative collective IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) brings together the 6 Amiens associations to fight against all fomrs of discriminations pour for the defense of women's rights as well as Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transidentitaires, Queers, Intersexes and more (LGBTQI+). Ever since 2018, the IDAHOT collective has organized its very own festival to fight against LGBTQI+ phobias and since 2019, Amiens' Pride.

→ Amiens' 1st Pride - June 22, 2019.
Lycée Michelis intervention enn milieu scolaire
Lycée Michelis

Les Bavardes have the immense pleasure of intervening in all 10th grade classes at Lycée Michelis, to discuss sexism and LGBTphobia. An opportunity to exchange and debate with a little over 300 students. Lots of discussions on body hair, gay couples, ways to react to cat-calling on the street, the meaning behind misogynoir and transphobia, or the path to take so that there is more equality.

→ Interventions is schools
La lune des pirates
La lune des pirates

Where are women in places of power? In the artistic world? What places are we giving them? What representations of women persist over and over again in our societies?

L'alimentation Générale
L'alimentation Générale

NDA spéciale Meufs aux platines
"While the day team of Les Bavardes has finished their interventions in the school environment, it is the night team who took over by holding a prevention and information stand at the Alimentation Generale from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. Bravo to the volunteers! And to our DJ Catherine Pinkmoloko who nailed it!"

→ Edition 100% meufs aux platines
Cité Carter
Cité Carter

Witches Week Festival: Born from the collaboration between Cité Carter, GAS Solidarité, and Les Bavardes. The Witches Week has put all women in their diversity on a pedestal.

→ [Bizarre, emancipated, original, forgotten, singled out women]
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